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Thursday, December 22, 2011
Planning a Baby Shower

Planning a baby shower can be stressful for the hostess, especially when you consider that there`s a strict timeline involved from which you can`t exactly shy away. Most pregnant women prefer to have their showers at the beginning of the third trimester, so find out when would be a good time for the mom-to-be. She may want to do it a couple of weeks earlier or later, depending on the circumstances.

Once you have a set date in mind, decide what type of shower it will be. Showers have traditionally only invited women but more and more baby showers are involving couples and male relatives. It`s up to you. When you know what type of party you want to throw, settle on the venue. Will it be at someone`s house? Are you a member of an organization, church or temple that would allow you to use a banquet or fellowship hall for free? Are you going to make reservations at a restaurant? Keep in mind that reservations should be made well ahead of time, preferably a few weeks before the baby shower.

Now you need to get a guest list together. Ask the parents-to-be and their parents who they would like to see invited. Make sure to get full names and addresses or email addresses if you are sending out invites electronically. You`ll want to mail these out six weeks before the baby shower.

Think about prizes, decorations, gift bags and the menu. Will you be serving a meal or dishing out finger foods? Do you know anyone who can help with the catering? If you`re throwing a huge party make sure you price floral arrangements, entertainment options and catering services. Otherwise, keep it small so you don`t get too overwhelmed. A simple brunch with sandwiches, fruit and cookies can be just as nice a baby shower as one that serves an expensive dinner.

Once those RSVPs come in, you`ll have a better idea of how many prizes and gift bags you will need to purchase, so hold off on those until a couple of weeks before the shower. Start researching baby shower games that will keep the guests entertained. One game involves handing out a clothes pin to every guest and whenever someone says the word, "baby", anyone else can take their clothes pin. You can also buy various flavors of baby food and play a "guess that flavor" game. The prizes don`t have to be extravagant. Just keep them fun and humorous and everyone will have a good time.

Make sure you put together those favor bags before the big day and have your decorations and seating ready. Go over the final guest list the week of the shower to make sure nobody was missed. The day of the shower will be hectic, so do any cooking you can before the shower so you get as much of your prep work out of the way as possible.

Although you may not think much of it, be sure to call the expectant mother to make sure she is coming to the shower. With so much going on in her pregnancy it`s not impossible for her to completely forget the date.

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Any great hostess should know that the theme will set the entire tone of the baby shower and as such should be carefully chosen. With endless possibilities, it may be best to narrow it down based on whether the baby will be a boy or a girl and whether or not the shower will be women-only or for couples. The type of shower you want to throw will help determine the best theme.

If the baby shower date happens to fall around a holiday, run with it! Creating a baby shower around a festive event is not something people will expect, so it makes a wonderful surprise. A shower with a Valentine`s Day theme may have heart-shaped cookies, baby bottles filled with candy hearts for party favors and baby cherub decorations. A Mother`s Day-themed shower can include pastel-colored decorations and each guest can write out personal messages on Mother`s Day cards for the soon-to-be parents to keep.

Baby animals have become hot decorative items for nurseries in recent years, so throw a baby animal shower! Gather all your stuffed animals to use as centerpieces or decorations and play games involving baby animal matching. Animal crackers make fun party favors and serving pigs in a blanket is a great idea for food.

Throw a Mad Hatter`s tea party! Ask guests on the invitation to show up wearing their goofiest hats. You can even set aside a prize and have guests vote for who has the craziest hat. Make it a game of keeping the hat on during the duration of the party. Anyone who takes it off has to make a gift donation.

Most baby showers are quite cutesy, so be a little different if the mom-to-be is expecting a boy. Aside from decorating with the color blue, bring in all sorts of toy planes, cars, trucks, rockets, boats and trackers.

One fun theme for twins is Noah`s Ark. Create centerpieces of two identical stuffed animals and arrange to have each table feature a different pair of animals. Send out animal-themed invitations and ask guests to consider bringing two of the same gifts. Have a costume party and it doesn`t have to be around Halloween. You can create a specific theme around which guests need to come dressed, such as a baby item, a cartoon character, or nursery rhyme characters.

Children`s books are another great theme for the shower. Aside from having guests bring gifts, ask them to bring at least one children`s book each. Decorate with Dr. Seuss characters and any other favorite literary characters.

Although it may sound like something straight out of a 50`s prom, an under the sea theme can be fun to plan! Use blue and green tissue paper and seashells and cut-out fish for decoration. You can even create fish bowls for table centerpieces. Fill a treasure chest with all sorts of baby items and serve `goldfish` as one of the snack options.

No matter the theme, make sure each guest is aware of where the parents-to-be are registered. This makes buying gifts much easier and the parents are more likely to get those bigger gifts like cribs, changing tables and childrens beds.

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