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Tuesday, April 24, 2012
A first birthday party is a special event where family and friends come to celebrate your baby`s first year of life. Although your precious bundle of joy will not remember the event, you can make it a day for everyone else to remember. Whether you plan a small party for family or an extravagant birthday bash for a large number of guests, create a memorable celebration that will provide friends and family with plenty of fun.

Many parents decide to organize a first birthday party around a specific theme. Of course, a one-year-old does not care about party themes, but parents will find it easier to plan decorations and party food if they devise a fun theme. Baby-friendly themes may include teddy bears, farm animals, cars and trucks, cartoon characters or ladybugs.

After choosing a party theme, decide where you will hold the shindig. Keep in mind that some of the best first birthday parties are held at home. By keeping the festivities simple, parents avoid unnecessary stress on the baby and themselves. The baby will feel more comfortable in familiar surroundings. If your baby is timid, avoid inviting too many guests, as being confronted with strangers can overwhelm your child. Plan your party around your baby`s nap time so he or she will be in a good mood for the festivities. You may even wish to hold the party in the late morning or early afternoon as these are ideal times for parties catering to small children.

When planning the menu for the birthday party, choose simple finger foods that are perfect for little or grown-up hands. Crackers, small sandwiches, cheese cubes, cut-up fruit, pasta, cookies and animal crackers are just a few items that will make your party a hit with both old and young. Avoid foods that are choking hazards to babies and toddlers.

The highlight of any birthday party is the cake. Whether you choose to bake the cake or buy one from a bakery, select one that fits your theme. If you do not want to bother with a large cake, serve cupcakes to your baby and your party guests. You may even wish to have a small cake designated for your little one. Babies love digging their hands into their own little cake.

That`s a birthday party without party favors? If you want to send your tiny guests home with a memento of the occasion, stay away from party favors such as balloons or candy. These items are dangers to babies since they can cause them to choke. Instead, choose party favors that include small board books, finger puppets, fat crayons and other items safe for babies.

Birthday parties are not complete unless you include games. Plan games for babies and toddlers that feature foam blocks, cloth tunnels, push toys and toys that foster fine motor skills. If older children will also be in attendance, plan games and crafts that will keep them busy as well. As the guests arrive, some of them may offer";personalised baby presents. Others may shower your one-year-old with gifts that light up or make noise. No matter what gifts your child receives, do not be surprised if your child enjoys playing with the gift wrap almost as much as the toys.

by: Best Baby Shower


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